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Play "very Edward lam, a dream of red mansions" in the Shanghai culture square

Date: 2015-11-08

There are one thousand "Hamlet" one thousand people's eyes, so is a read a dream of red mansions of cao xueqin. Last night, play "very Edward lam, a dream of red mansions" in the Shanghai culture square, this time, twelve jinling women played by 12 actors, they don't play in women's clothing, but to a man "deductive" classical figures like Lin daiyu, xue baochai is, the betrothal.
A dream of red mansions is Edward lam eight years casting of the "four great classical novels" chapter in the end. Such gender reverse technique, in his 2012 appeared in the "three kingdoms. Four films throughout by a problem, that is: the anxiety of modern come from? The modern people? Through questioning, Edward lam classic deconstruction, fashion, became fashionable men and women. "I play is a mirror of the revelation secular, revelation desire and lack of modern people." Edward lam says he read in cao xueqin's works from the repressed desire in reality.
"Four great classical novels, I do not just reading of text representation, but the more profound cultural reading, it is important to a dramatic thinking: in addition to the value of literature, these works what new significance for modern people?" Edward lam thinks, and the different interpretation of the general, from the romance of The Three Kingdoms machiavellian and war, he could only see the three characters of soft feminine side, "the three man flow tears less than Lin daiyu." Edward lam said that the novel is a social carefully refined an era of medicinal materials, traditional Chinese is not good to listen story, just, Chinese new, afraid, afraid afraid, just like to listen to repeat the old stories of tens of millions of times, it is our ability to create new "missing" from the traditional heritage.
, Edward lam himself as "a dream of red mansions" theme song, the lyrics "already", and invited Taiwan golden melody awards winner Chen chien-chi composer, singer award for "best new artist" is the best composer award winner William wei.