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World mask mask art appear spirit 2015 international conference was held yesterday at the huating hotel

Date: 2015-11-08

Mask by the international cultural and arts alliance (IMACO), national cultural exchanges with other research base, Shanghai academy of social sciences institute of literature, jointly organized by Shanghai international cultural society of masks, 2015 international conference held yesterday in Shanghai huating hotel. Foreign affairs committee, deputy director of the committee of the National People's Congress, vice President and secretary general of national art fund shao-hua zhao, zhong yanqun, deputy director of Shanghai's people's congress (NPC) attended.
Mask is a kind of special significance in the history of mankind's culture and art, the expert points out, in fact Beijing Opera types of facial makeup in operas, sichuan opera face mask is the embodiment of the culture. 2015 international conference on the mask and 2015 as a national art foundation projects, is the first time in Chinese worldwide mask art event, in addition to the policy BBS, relevant academic research, the mask art show up to 18 people in Shanghai art museum.