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Shanghai startup ceremony held a week of "119" fire big evacuation drill fire fighting and rescue work

Date: 2015-11-10

In order to further improve the fire safety awareness and defense self-help capability, Shanghai on November 9, startup ceremony held a week of "119" fire large-scale evacuation drill fire fighting and rescue work.
Since this year, the city to carry out a "triad" place and fire hazards key areas with special projects such as hazard management work.Start ceremony, city fire safety board of management work in advanced typical commended, and 35 of the municipal people's representative BaiWanQing warm-hearted people named the first batch of "community fire control propaganda ambassador" in the city.
This year "119" fire during the week, the Shanghai daily set a theme, the organization carries out "fire Open Day", "fire drill day", "social fire organization day", "media attention day" series of activities, etc.
Municipal committee, municipal party committee politics and law committee secretary fuckman, deputy mayor, city public security bureau chief Bai Shaokang attend the activity.
On the afternoon of November 9, 2015, in baoshan district "119 fire protection publicity week" at the opening ceremony, a don't account for fire fighting forces, but after a fire troops of professional training and examination by Shanghai baoshan district "social obligatory fire brigade", formally with 27 multifunction fire scout car, and in the area of 14 27 miniature fire station town and industrial park street.That large-scale high-tech and widespread with multi-function fire scout car to equip district-level "social obligatory fire brigade", is the first in each district and county of Shanghai.