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35000 people run away from the bund Yang as the 2015 Shanghai international marathon run firing quite open

Date: 2015-11-10

This year is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Shanghai international marathon.On November 8 in the morning, the Shanghai municipal party committee, deputy secretary, mayor Yang xiong, vice mayor of Shanghai annisa, vice chairman of the Chinese Olympic committee (ioc), the Chinese track and field association consultant cui, together for the 2015 Shanghai international marathon run firing order.
Starting gun, after 85 people from 85 countries and regions are starting from the bund along the huangpu river Taurus square, through in the rain, while the Chinese and foreign athletes of the surging crowds, for shen depicted a gorgeous picture.Full marathon, half marathon and 10 km emotional investment and jogging contestants and share the joy.
2015 Shanghai international marathon received support from all sectors of society, public security, health, urban construction, traffic, city virescence management, government, environmental protection, meteorology, communications, business, tourism, radio and television departments, as well as the huangpu, jing 'an, xuhui district staff escort for events, such as more than 3000 people in the security team and volunteers to build security service.Along with the citizens of athletes to run hype.
Meteorological conditions favorable run much more at ease
Today from 2 - level 3, 14-16 degrees Celsius temperature, air quality is good, meteorological condition is advantageous to the marathon run smoothly.Shanghai marathon un-changed popularity "peaks", 5 km and 10 km to take the lead in security.After six hours, full marathon "closed", the organizing committee of the chip timing statistics show, for each time point has grades game completion rate: half marathon around 97.6%, about 89.4% full marathon.
Shanghai international marathon after 19 years of heritage and experience, after running the development of the sports culture from the enlightenment to the boom, witnessed the constant and unceasing transformation of Shanghai city, and lead the development of the new era of nationwide fitness campaign.The distance of 42.195 kilometers across the shen Shanghai prosperous and vicissitudes of life, Shanghai landmark take in everything in a glance.The contestants pace measure promoting happiness city with running experience of rapid urban development.When the clock struck nine, the finish Shanghai stadium boiling up gradually, with the audience roared, applause, look forward to the return of the winner this year.
In the end, from Kenya LangYanJia tower, Paul kip hill first crossed the finish line, over 2 hours, 26 minutes 30 seconds;Kenya woman GuLiYa figure cosette, al gia la won by 2 hours and 26 minutes 23 seconds.Perfect competition, the suitable climatic conditions, create performance for excellent players help, man all the top two are broke the course record.
Service to ensure the safety of meticulous run much more
The 20th anniversary of the "horse" is a comprehensive upgrade, logistics service more considerate and humanization.In addition to increasing mobile toilets, sponge, drinking water, sports drinks, depot, small food, volunteers, the organizing committee also at the end of the whole and half marathon finish players prepared big towel, let "the people" have a better experience.
This year set up 21 medical JiuZhuDian and Taurus plaza, Shanghai exhibition center, Renaissance park, stadium four end clinics, eighty thousand people were configured with 216 emergency medical professionals.In addition configuration 20 ambulances, along the national emergency medical rescue team and two Oriental hospital special ambulance.21 group ride "mobile security team, each group of cycling team composed of professional doctors and medical volunteers, riding a bicycle, with AED, distribution after 13 km circuit, medical tour, pay close attention to the unusual situation of athletes.Besides a wide coverage of medical facilities, near the 10 km jog and end, and the half before the finish 2 km, every certain distance, there are two people a group of medical teams, hands touch, remind players in special sections to strengthen their own protection, our strengths.This year, in addition, there are medical group of runners the period of time, stretch into the circuit, the flow through the circuit medical observation, more and more scientific, multivariate medical aid schemes for athletes more at ease.
Viewing interactive run much more civilized
Gradually restore calm when all players out of the starting line, the bund, huangpu district 60 sanitation workers in order to efficiently work, their task is to quickly complete the circuit clear, restore the urban traffic.Under the efforts of the workers, to sweep the floor clean, sprinkler, guarantees the garbage, not a nuisance dust.Participating team set off after just 15 minutes, the bund in shandong stage all the way back to clean appearance.
Race day, part of the path taken temporary traffic control measures in the city.In order to minimize the impact on the surrounding residents travel, organizing committee of 100000 advantagious notices were issued before the game, please people understanding and corresponding prepare ahead of time.
Horse not only continue and develop on the 20th anniversary of the marathon spirit, to carry out the traditional civilization "horse" propaganda, by attending media civilization, civilization of initiative, also conducted a running horse "to run 20 years together" science knowledge lecture, cooperate with the Shanghai sports institute of science, invited experts for runners explained the pre-match training and nutrition, games, hydrating and mental adjustment, game pace, after the recovery aspects of professional knowledge, make friends have benefited a lot from running.
20, Shanghai international marathon, in every game summary innovation constantly, break through the confine of pure competition, the formation of multiple points of view, diversified competition brand development."Horse" carrying a wealth of city image, city spirit and influence, people are in a different way to participate in the "on" and "horse".Run of the citizens in the city, the holiday, "horse" once again become a national holiday.At the same time, this year's "horse" or the opening ceremony of the 20th session of the national fitness day in Shanghai, another round of the national fitness craze swept across Shanghai, let sports as a way of life, let the pace of the pursuit of healthy forever.